Italian Law Practice

Our Italian Law Practice seeks to connect Italy and the United States, and is both unique and extensive. We are one of the few US law firms able to offer a full range of Italian legal services in the United States, thereby bridging the distance between the two countries. Additionally, our law firm also has an office in Naples, Italy.

Primarily, Fleitas PLLC focuses on assisting clients seeking to emigrate to and from the United States and Italy, for both business and personal purposes. Accordingly, our attorneys and legal professionals create a seamless transition for any individual, family or business entity seeking to enter either the US or Italian territory and/or market. To this end, Fleitas PLLC assists Italian businesses and individuals seeking to relocate to the United States for business purposes or otherwise, as well as clients from around the world seeking to move to Italy, for business, retirement or other purposes.

Aside from a wide-range of business legal services, our attorneys assist clients with Italian and US Immigration law matters. Specifically, our Italian attorneys’ practice focuses on: Italian Citizenships; Italian Residencies; and Italian Visas. Our Italian attorneys represent clients from all over the world, who have Italian ancestors and seek to obtain Italian citizenship through their ancestors (“Jure Sanguinis”). Additionally, we assist clients with: (1) citizenship applications based on “Jure Matrimoni”; (2) “Reacquisitions of Italian Cirizenship”; (3) “Naturalization to a foreign country after August 16, 1992”: (4) “Renunci[ations] [of] Italian Citizenship”; (5) obtaining all types of Italian visas; and (6) Italian Residency permits or “Permesso di Soggiorno.”

In addition to our business and immigration services, our Italian attorneys are able to assist Italian clients, who have been convicted of a crime in the United States, with the Treaty Transfer Program. The Program authorizes the Director of the Bureau of Prisons to transfer inmates to or from foreign countries, pursuant to the conditions of the treaty agreement which allows for such transfers. Because Italy is one of the several countries which participate in the Treaty Transfer Program with the United States, our Italian attorneys are able to represent clients with the necessary processes and procedures, to effectuate these kinds of transfers in conjunction with Italian authorities.

In sum, our Italian Law Practice provides a wide variety of turnkey legal services, which include Italian Immigration law; namely Italian Citizenships, Italian Residencies and Italian visas, as well as Italian Corporate law; Italian Real Estate law; Italian Criminal law; representation before Italian authorities; and document searches to achieve any of the legal services offered.